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Bike Shop in Riva del Garda

Located in the dramatic part of Lake Garda, Riva del Garda is a quaint town known for its ethereal mountain valleys and cycling trails. It has been the home of cycling for years, with amateurs and expert cyclists travelling here to feel a rush of adrenalin. Consequently, there is no shortage of mountain bike rentals and bike shops in Riva del Garda, where you can choose your favourite bike and gear to get out cycling in some of the most beautiful terrains. After all, the freedom that comes with peddling on a bike can’t be compared to anything else.

GimmeBike - the best bike shop in Riva del Garda

Founded by a group of young and passionate cyclists, GimmeBike is the ultimate bike shop in Riva del Garda. They are an expert in their profession, and it shows in their thoughtful collection of e-bikes, mountain bikes, children bikes, electric scooters, etc. There are also numerous choices in each category, including giant, complete, and front bikes for females, males, and children. So, whether you are planning a cycling adventure alone or together with your family, GimmeBike has every tool to meet your needs. So, suppose you want an extreme-sport experience. Then, GimmeBike will rent you the best safety kits and gears to wear. They also have some guided tours ensuring maximum comfort and safety.

Trails and places to explore while cycling in Riva del Garda

Whether you choose to be on your own or choose an experienced guide from the bike shop in Riva del Garda, the long descent at Tremalzo is a must-try experience. If you want something more serene, the 20km trails at the Ponale path is the trail to take. Also, don’t forget to look at Tenno Lake, the pristine pearl in the mountains.

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